Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing EbonyB Salon,

Please Read carefully All our Terms & Conditions Before Booking.

So that you get the best out of your experience When booking please be sure to Read Carefully and accurately select the service you require.

When booking a none refundable deposit of £32 is required to book Appointments £2 is a Booking Fee, £30 will be taken off your final bill on the day of your appointment.


If you Have allergies to products/ Ingredients or hair Expressions Hair Please Notify your stylist before Booking.


For colour a patch test and colour consultation is required 24 hours before the treatments. 


    • All Box Braids Must be booked for 10:00am or 10:30am,
      We Provide natural hair colours 1-4 ONLY for Box Braids and cornrow styles. (IF YOU SUPPLY YOUR OWN HAIR PRICE STILL REMAINS THE SAME)
    • if you are a new client booking a Braids Style and have any of the following below you are required to come in for a consultation before booking your appointment or Email 3 clear pictures of your Hair and problem areas.
    • Extreme Breakage
    • very Short Hair under 3 inches
    • Breakage at the Hair line
    • Tension alopecia

Expressions Hair is Provided as part of your service ONLY natural colours 1B, 1 ,2, 4 your colour preference must be stated once you have booked your appointment. (If you do not call you risk not achieving your desirable colour.)


    • Hair must Be clean, Detangle & Thoughtly blowdried with minimal products if you are booking treatments that require your hair to be clean. E.g braids
      If you would like this service as an add on it must be booked prior to your appointment. As it cannot be added on the Day.
    • if your hair is not clean this will/ can lead to a cancelation of your appointment and loss of deposit.
    • Detangling is an extra service, Hair must be Detangled or you will be charged a detangling fee that will start from £10

If your Hair is shoulder length of below or extremely thick please mark shoulder length or below, hair length, texture & density plays a big part in the time of a service and you may be charged more at your appointment, if you do not click the correct service for yourself. 

Accurate quotes can only be give if the stylist has seen your hair prices can vary depending on your hair and style. 


We only provide hair for Box Braids & cornrows if you are looking to get a weave, custom made wig or crochet we do not supply hair as part of these services.


For Early morning Appointments before opening hours there is a cost of £20 on top of the original cost.


For Sunday appointments please note there will be a £20 charge on top of the original service cost. (E-mail) for booking 


Please note if you are 15min late there is a £10 charge and 30mins late is an automatic cancelation or extra charge.

We pride our self on giving each of our clients the best experience so we ask that if you have any questions or enquires you ask before booking.